For the global transport of goods, please contact us. We offer sea, air and land freight services.
Personalized assistance and guaranteed service to transport your goods from the warehouse of departure to the final destination in total safety.

Transportation is a fundamental part of the process of managing your goods from the point of departure to the point of arrival. It is possible to transport any type of goods, not only palletized, but also loosed and/or with characteristics that require special types of transport:

  • Non-standard weight or dimensions (exceptional transport)
  • Dangerous goods (ADR) which require particular care and attention from the preparation/packaging phase to their delivery
  • Controlled temperature
  • Cars and motorcycles

We manage all types of transport:

  • By land

    The transport is carried out on the road with adequate vehicles that respect the actual laws for the environment safety and all areas of Italy, Europe, Extra-EU Countries are covered.
    Depending on the needs and the type of goods to be transported, it is possible to have curtainsider vehicles or tarpaulins, with or without a hydraulic lift, ensuring maximum yeld. Depending on the destination, it is also possible to use biweekly, weekly, daily or dedicated services.

  • By air
    It is a fast transport for personal effects destined for any destination in the world in order to reduce transit times. The items are carefully prepared and placed inside special liftvan for complete protection during the various phases of loading and unloading from the aircraft.
    The main characteristic of air transport is to significantly reduce transport times, to ensure that your goods arrive at their destination quickly. It is possible to ship different types of goods even in cases where the dimensions do not allow the shipment with standard aircraft. In these cases, cargo planes can be used.
  • By sea
    It is a transport used to all non-EU countries through the use of special containers or liftvan (depending on the volumes involved) to protect your household goods as much as possible during loading, transport and unloading.

    Maritime transport is the main tool for shipping goods of any shape and weight since there are many possibilities for managing goods, not only with standard containers, but also with special containers that guarantee transport in complete safety (open top containers, flat rack, collapsible flat rack, refrigerated, platform).


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