King Logistics deals with all the phases of the move and the transport, also for shipments by sea and by air.
We provide a complete service starting from the receipt of the goods, from the choice of the best protective packaging, to the packaging of the material, to transport with on-site delivery, up to installation at destination.
In addition, we offer a convenient storage and custody service for assets with insurance.

trasloco internazionale

Our staff is highly specialized and organized to best manage every request.

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We give you our support with your national move. Fast, simple and less demanding moves.

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traslochi nazionali
trasloco aziendale e industriale

In the 21st century, few or even hundreds of employees, workers and machineries often need to be reoganized, enlarged or moved to new structures. We support you to realize your dream of a well organized company without having to give up the activity during working days and leaving the burden of organization to the transfer to us.

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At global level we can guarantee he short and long term storage of your goods.

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King Logistics is able to offer records management services with advanced computer systems and in complete safety.

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The move service can also include moving of your pet, be it dog, cat, turtle, fish, horse, etc. King Logistics takes care of them as an integral part of the family, following and assisting you step by step for documents, vaccines, veterinary transfer rules and organizing a home-to-home service that also includes a custom-made cage supply.

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King Logistics provides assistance on various services dedicated to the person before arrival and also at the departure, because the transfer also concerns an organization linked to important factors such house search, school and search and document management/preparation.

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King Logistics offers a service for setting up shops, stands, events, showrooms, assembly of new furniture and any other trade fair or commercial activity.

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King Logistics can offer many services to corporates for porterage management, property management, cleaning and maintenance.

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