Our main goal is to make sure that your household goods are packed very good to be able to handle them safely. Our teams are trained to handle, pack and move your goods safely. Our materials are of excellent quality and with a very low environmental impact.

Our packaging techniques are aimed at the different types of items to be handled:


  • Lightweight wrapping paper to protect surfaces
  • Bubble wrap paper for external protection of furniture
  • Cardboard packaging for a more robust support, if necessary
  • Wooden crates tailored for fragile items


  • Alway rolled up, not folded (length permitting)
  • Packing with protective material that prevents damage to the spinning of the same
  • Attention: it is advisable to wash and dry the carpets before packing

Small delicate items

  • All small items (glass, porcelain, etc.) are packed individually and then placed inside the cartons before transport

Large delicate items 

  • Bubble wrap sheets and fabrics for greater safety
  • Custom-made cages for maximum protection, if necessary


  • Linen boxes where you can place bulky linen horizontally and everything you can fold without ruining it
  • Hanger boxes, to keep all those garments that need this position vertically


  • Dismantling of pianos carried out by the transport specialist
  • Careful packaging with suitable material so as not to damage the instrument
  • Attention: durign the handling, the piano loses its tuning. It will be needed to re-tune the instrument after the delivery to the new home


  • Cars are locked inside the container for the transportation
  • Motorbikes are transported inside custom-made cages and these are locked inside the vehicle or container
  • Any vehicle transported must have the battery disconnected and the tank empty

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