The pre-move survey is the most important initial part of the move. It is necessary for the customer to ask any kind of question about the operation of the move and our consultant to understand the needs and the type of service to be performed.

Currently we can offer three types of pre-move surveys:

    • At home
      To prepare a move you have to take many things into consideration. Our consultant helps you at this stage, greatly simplifying the various steps to follow. Before the inspection, we need to start by evaluating some aspects of which we report a list that you can discuss during the meeting.

      • Before the visit
        • Plan a 45-90 minute visit with the consultant to ensure you have the time required to understand all the information and be able to answet all the questions you may have
        • Start evaluating at home the possible objects you intend to move and those you decide to leave or throw away
        • Decide what you will put in your suitcases (clothes, personal effects), and if you have children, select the games and books they want to bring along with them
        • If the transfer is abroad, check that the electrical and electronic devices are compatible and can be used at destination
        • If the transfer is corporate paid move, carefully check the transfer policy with your employer
      • During the visit – Your consultant:
        • Will meet you to understand your needs and to answer all your questions
        • He will review your home with you to draw up an inventory of the items you will need to move
        • It will aassess whether some items need additional protection such as crates or special packaging materials
        • It will make an accurate estimate of the volume
        • Will talk to you about moving dates and possible transport times
        • It will assess with you any additional services such as storage, house cleaning, transport of pets or car
        • It will give you important information regarding the laws and regulations in force for the transport of dangerous goods, food, liquids and alcohol
        • It will explain to you how packing and subsequent transport is performed
        • In the case of customs operations, it will give you the information needed for having the requirements to import
        • You will be presented with insurance coverage for risk management and coverage options


    • Virtual survey
      In cases where the distances or times do not allow the direct arrival of one of our consultants to your home, the inspection can also be done in a virtual way, that is with a video call (eg. Facetime or WhatsApp) that allow us to retrace the same steps of the home inspection in a virtual way. Also in this case, the ever more advanced technology and he ever faster connections make this type of inspection possible in order to meet the needs of those who, for various reasons, hardly manage to be present at home during working hours.


    • Self-survey form
      In order to also be able to support small move requests and/or where no type of inspection is possible, we have devised a new alternative to the classic appointment with a consultant, the self-survey form (word file), where the customer can simply list the items which intends to move (form that can also be filled in over the phone with the support of the Move Manager). You will not be asked to count the number of shirts or trousers in the wardrobe but simply to consider the wardrobe doors you want to move. This type of inspection will speed up the entire process, especially in cases of small removals.
      Attention to details: The consultant will take note of the details and will also evaluate the best type of the required packaging to use on the day of the move.

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