King Logistics provides assistance on various services dedicated to the person before arrival and also at the departure, because the transfer also concerns an organization linked to important factors such house search, school and search and document management/preparation. Arriving in a foreign country often means having to know different cultures, traditions and habits, and King Logistics can support you to better organize your arrival in Italy or your departure so as not to feel a detachment from your everyday life.

Our services:

  • Home search: home search service for rent or purchase studied following the specifications that will be given to us. A choice of different solutions is made and we will accompany you step by step in choosing the right home for you (even for those in a foreign country this service can be offered in virtual mode). When the house is found, we will follow all the paperwork of documents for the lease, opening utilities, check-in and the arrival of the move
  • Personal administration: everything necessary to settle in Italy: fiscal code, identity card, choice of doctor, bank account and much more

  • Departure services: assistance and support is provided for the closure of the rental contract, utilities, check-out and release of the keys
  • Pre and post removal home accomodation: a dedicated team will let you find everything in order and in its place upon your arrival so you don’t have to worry about anything, just start a new life in a new country
  • City tour: a dedicated service for the single or the couple or family that moves. You will be accompained to take a tour of the city so you can get to know and choose the area where you want to live
  • School search: a service dedicated to children for search and evaluation of schools based on the needs of the family. You will be assisted in all the bureaucratic part and also of support for extra-curricular activities and/or baby sitter
  • Other customizable packages: Italian lessons, city life for women (wellness centers, gyms, swimming pools, etc.), city life for men (clubs, gyms, etc.)


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