Our children could be the most opposed to a transfer knowing they have to leave friends, school and the people they love. Explain your reasons for the transfer by trying to show pictures and photographs of the places where you are going to live. Make them participants in the preparation and organization of the move itself, giving it small organizational tasks that they will take as a new game and feel important because they are involved in your project.

Teenagers, on the other hand, could be more involved and intrigued by the new country, and therefore it could be useful to involve them by doing research on the web to discover local traditions, cuisine and habits. With today’s technologies, even their old friends will remain so because it will be possible for them to maintain contact with a simple video call thus eliminating the distance.



When one of the couple’s members has to move for work reasons, the possibilities for decision and flexibility are very broad. The search for the home will be linked to one’s lifestyle and the needs of both, maintaining the same standard that you have now.

There are many possibilities and solutions for organizing the transfer, whether you work both or only one family member works. Sometimes we will have to support each other because work commitments, the new home, the new environment and the new friendship will make the arrival in the new country very engaging.

If instead you want to find a new job, the search for opportunities will start from the web that offers inexhaustible sources.



The beginning of a new adventure where you will have the opportunity to make your choices in complete freedom, thinking only of your new beginning, whether in the case of a study or in the case of a job. The web offers you lots of information and from this, you can begin to evaluate the culture, habits and areas in which you would like to live.

Abroad immigrant communities will also be able to help you ger to know new friends with whom you can start sharing your new adventure.
In King Logistics we supported and followed many singles and students in their transfer (even small). If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call us. We will give you all the answers to your questions.



The family is often made up not only of people but also of pets, be they dogs, cats, turtles or other. We can help you realize your dream of moving with them as part of the family. We work with the best specialists to ensure a stress-free transfer to them too.

The Veterinarian can also support you for the part of vaccinations and examinations that will be necessary depending on the destination, always in conjunction with our guide.


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