Our four-legged friends are part of the family and, when you have to move, we need to guarantee them the care and attention they need to take them with us. King Logistics, with its network of specialists, carefully and meticulously takes care of the entire organization of the trip, the bureaucratic and health formalities, advises and completely supports you in order to move in all serenity and without stress, those who have become an integral part of the family, and for that reason they deserve the best services.

The move service can also include moving of your pet, be it dog, cat, turtle, fish, horse, etc. King Logistics takes care of them as an integral part of the family, following and assisting you step by step for documents, vaccines, veterinary transfer rules and organizing a home-to-home service that also includes a custom-made cage supply.

Our cargo services are specialized for them who will travel comfortably in a pressurized and heated hold, will be assisted, pampered and cared for in the event of an intermediate stop at a Pet Hotel until the delivery to your new home.


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